Why I Love Horses

Why I Love Horses


Horses are one of the animals that one can have in the yard and enjoy its company. They are very smart animals and apart from this they have very well-developed senses.

They sense the smell at a higher level than human do, they have more than 360-degree sight and they have that sense of defending their young one when danger is near. Apart from this, if a horse is well taken care of and fed and cleaned he is one of the cleanest animals that exist. In a home horses, can be used for leisure activities – when your little one wants to have a horse as a pet, for sports – such as equestrianism, horse racing, horse training and horse tack and as well working activities. Especially in the countryside they are the ones people rely on to help them with field work.

gaited baroque horse

Therefore, there are many reasons to love horses. Below there are some reasons for which I love horses:

  1. They are there for me in any possible situation. They become more than horses to whomever has them. They easily become friends, companions when you are alone and fitness instructors, when I ride along.
  2. When a child asks you for a horse, it means he is ready to mature. Horses will surely teach him to take care and care for someone else rather than oneself. A child and not only, becomes very responsible when it comes to having a horse to take care of.
  3. Mainly taking care of horses, I will live a healthier and fitter life. I do not have time to waste as taking proper care of horses means a lot of things.
  4. They improve my social life. There are many activities to do while having a horse – hanging out at the stables with my friends, go to different competitions, shows.
  5. It is said that they just offer one a positive attitude and mental health. It is like a natural medicine, as their only presence is said to lower blood pressure and improve your mood. They also seem to sense when you are depressed, sad and they just react in many ways you did not think possible, and your problems just vanish.
  6. I can find myself. They make no difference between human beings, they see me as I am no matter my social status.
  7. They just take me flying. Without any problems on board or with problems on board, after riding the horse all other issues seem to have vanished.
  8. They teach me what real trust is. I just had to trust them and I proved right. I just trust a 1200-pound animal that is just as big enough to kill me but I trust it. I put on its back without any second thoughts or fear.
  9. They teach me to overcome fear. Despite of the fact that I fell first times I was on it; I went back on its back and back again. Till I managed to do it well.
  10. They bring you closed to nature. Just taking the horse and ride along the mountain paths is a wonderful feeling and it also lets you become closer to nature and what it has to offer.
  11. They are just what you need to feel yourself. They are strong, powerful, sleek and beautiful. When they gallop is the most wonderful thing especially with you feeling their strength and power beneath you.
  12. They are your partner on the long run. If you commit to them they feel it and they will get to know you and your feelings, more than you thought they could.
  13. They offer relaxing moments when just brushing them, covering their hooves with shiny oil. They are just a partner or a baby and they are family and I love showing them a little love from time to time.

They are almost like humans but with no possibility of speech like us.

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