Caring for a soul next to you – the horse

Caring for a soul next to you – the horse

We live in a world where we want more and more to have space around us and many move at countryside to be able to have this physical space. Anyhow, living at the countryside allows us to have more than just one animal next. 

Apart from making the usual animal pet animal choices we can also have the other out of the common ones. If we have space, having and caring for a horse and more can prove to be a full-time job. It offers both a lot of work for it and as well a friend to go to and recharge the batteries when we need this.

Getting to love a horse is an easy job as they are very beautiful animals and they help us with many things. But we should give them more than just love, we have to give them the care and the things they need to stay healthy.

Horse in a bright stable

The barn for a horse, no matter what type he is, should have basics such as:

  • Enough space for the equipment.
  • Space to store the food.
  • A grooming space (this can come in as optional).
  • A wash stall.
  • A space for rest.
  • Enough space for the horse to lift their head up.
  • Natural light and air.
  • A good anti-rain and anti-snow stable.
  • Easy to clean floors and ones that do dry quickly and do not stay wet long time.

Seeing the above, we should realize that the bigger the horse is, the larger the stall should be and the bigger the care for it is. After having the above, we need to make sure we have the necessary things to maintain the barn at a certain required level.

Therefore, let us look at the below needing stuff:

  • Pitch fork
  • Broom for the stable (it should be harder than a usual one)
  • Wheelbarrow (we need to carry the food and make it easy for us)
  • Manure fork
  • Some insects spray (just in case, so that the horse will not experience any uncomfortable situations)

Now let us take the next step –  the feeding equipment you need for a horse. For starters, the basic to have are:

  • Feeding tub
  • Large buckets for the water, to keep the horse hydrated
  • Water heater (for those cold days of autumn and winter)

While we have the grooming space, we also need some grooming utensils.

  • Curry comb
  • Brush for the body
  • Cloth to wash and then wipe the horse
  • Fly repellent for the hair
  • Breakway halters
  • Rope (for leading the horse)

When ready to ride, we need some extras to be able to hop on him. Buying the saddle will be a hard thing as it needs to go well with the horse. They just need to clinch together. So, good luck with that!!!

  • Saddle
  • Blanket or saddle pad
  • Helmet (that will be for us)
  • Boots with one inch heel

To be fully functional a horse also needs a blacksmith from time to time, once every six weeks. He needs to have the routine hoof trimming or shoeing done. Moreover, while we also take him for rides and take him for strolls, for those days when we don’t, he needs to have his exercise done. For this he would use a paddock where to relax and stroll all day long.

We should not forget the veterinary control every now and then. A horse needs care and check to make sure he did not get any parasites or diseases. A veterinary can help vaccinate the horse against problems such as tetanus, viral respiratory disease and strangles. As far as the health and the general condition of a horse concerns, owning horse implies checking the teeth, feet, worming, overall body condition and laminitis (for the fatter horses).

Having the horse microchipped is an option if we want to cover emergencies as well. This will help identify the horse and as well the horse owner and where the property is.

Taking into consideration all the above, it is basically impossible not to be able to enjoy the satisfactions a horse brings us. 

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